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How can Manna & Associates, LLC file a lien for me?
Click here to file a lien and fill out our online form, or contact us
by phone 201-991-7111 and we will fax or email you a lien request form to complete.

What is the Lien Filing Process?
Upon receipt of your completed REQUEST FOR FILING A MECHANIC’S LIEN form, Manna & Associates, LLC
will work to prepare your lien. We ask that you check your form for accuracy prior to submitting to us.  In most instances, the request for filing a mechanic's lien form is the only authorization necessary for us to sign, prepare, send for filing and serve your lien.  We may sign and notarize the lien document on your behalf, acting as your agent.  Once your lien is prepared, we will email you a copy for your records.  There are some circumstances, where you will be asked to sign and notarize your own lien.  If this is the case, we will let you know when we send your lien to you.  we will then give you instructions on returning the original lien to us. 

What happens if I make a mistake on my paperwork?

Any changes and/or corrections (when possible) may cause an additional fee, however, please contact us as soon as you realize that you have made an error on your form.

What is a preliminary notice?
A Preliminary Notice is a notice sent by the contractor, subcontractor, suppliers or other parties to a construction project to alert the general contractor or owner of your involvement on the project.  Based on the state you are working in or the type of property you are working on, this may or may not be required.  Contact our office with any questions.

Do you file liens in other states?
We file liens in the northeast region but can refer you to another agency anywhere in the country. Lien rates vary from state to state. Please call us for a quote.

If I filed my lien with another company, can I send it to Manna & Associates, LLC for collections?

Yes. We can handle your collections, mechanic’s liens or both. These are separate services performed by our company. We can also extend or satisfy a lien that may have been filed by another agency or an attorney if you provide a filed copy.

How do I remove a lien?
A lien can be removed by faxing or emailing us a request form and we will perform this service for you.


How can Manna & Associates, LLC handle a collection matter for me?
Click here to go to the collections page to fill out our online form or contact us by at 201-991-7111 and we will fax or email you a form to complete.

What are some of the steps I can take in order to protect myself in the future?
Whether you are a credit executive in a large company or a self employed owner of a small business, you are aware that proper documentation is essential. Record all conversations in a customer file and maintain copies of all correspondence in these files. Record all legal names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses
for anyone involved on your project. This will make it easier later to track down the
proper individuals for collection. You should always insist on a credit application and if necessary a personal guarantee. Be sure to include your terms on the credit application, the interest rate you charge for payments not made within terms and restitution for professional fees if the balance remains outstanding.

What types of companies do you collect money for?
We assist all types of companies all across the United States, including contractors, subcontractors,
and material suppliers. In addition, we collect for attorneys, accountants, landscapers, plumbers, heating
repairmen, trucking companies, etc.


How can Manna & Associates, LLC file a bond claim for me?
Click here to file a bond claim or call us at 201-991-7111 and we will fax or e-mail you a form to complete. If you have any questions you can contact us.

Do all projects have a Payment & Performance Bond?

Not all projects are bonded, however a number of companies leave large amounts of money on the
table because they do not know how to protect themselves on bonded projects. We can help you file a bond claim, and protect your receivables.  Most Federal Public construction projects are covered by Payment and Performance Bonds (“P&P Bonds”). A bond is an insurance policy generally taken out by the general contractor which assures the owner of the project that the job will be completed as specified by the terms of the contract, and assures the subcontractors and suppliers that they will be paid for the work they performed and/or supplied. However, just like liens, bond claims have a number of requirements, including time limitations. Anyone wishing to file a claim against the bond must adhere to such requirements. P&P Bonds can also be
issued on private projects. Generally, the owner of large projects request that a P&P Bond be taken out by the general contractor. Most Federal and State projects (public) are bonded, however
only some private projects are covered by a bond. It is always a good idea to ask if
the job is bonded and obtain the bond information at the beginning of the project.

When do I have to file a bond claim?
Federal projects are covered by what is called the “Miller Act” which gives you 90
days from your last date of performance or, if you are a supplier, from the last date of delivery. All other bonds are covered by State statute and/or terms as outlined on the actual bond.Consult with us early during your project if you intend on filing a claim.

Can I have Manna & Associates, LLC file a UCC-1 for me?
Contact us and we will provide you with the proper documents to complete.

If you would like to review all of our Terms & Conditions Click here

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