When you send a collection to our office, Manna & Associates, LLC will be in charge of the debt. Any collections sent to our office may not be retracted, put on hold, cancelled or deferred from our office in any way without our written authorization. Any collections sent to Manna & Associates, LLC are applicable to the percentages listed above regardless of when or where payment comes in or how the payment is obtained.  For this reason, it is imperative that you make sure this debt is not paid before sending it to our office. In addition, once sending this collection to our office, do not have contact with the debtor. If you are contacted by the debtor, refer him to our office. Any contact with the debtor may undermine our efforts and may cause you to get less than what you are entitled to or cause you to get billed at a higher rate. Once you send a collection to our office, we are entitled to the fee at the time the money is collected, even if the amount collected is sent directly to your office or if the debtor contacts you directly and pays your office. If you receive payment from the debtor, contact us PRIOR to deposit by sending us a copy of the payment. Do not sign anything presented to you by the debtor. If the debtor sends payment to Manna & Associates, these checks are deposited into an escrow account and will be paid out to our clients between the 20th and the 25th of the month following the deposit.


The percentages quoted on our rates page are for the amounts collected, and do not refer to the amounts owed. If the terms of service are broken, our percentage fee will be based on the full amount of the original debt or the current amount due, whichever is greater.

Manna & Associates, LLC will not handle consumer collection cases (where the debtor is an individual, not a company) where the debtor owes less than $1000.00.


Collections Requiring Attorney Assistance – You have two options when it comes to any case that requires attorney assistance:

OPTION 1: Manna & Associates, LLC will find an attorney for you. Should you decide to use one of our attorneys and if they are willing and available, you will be billed at the current discounted rate (for Manna customers) that he/she charges for the legal services being provided, plus any out of pocket expenses payable in advance (such as court fees, etc.).  For this option, Manna & Associates, LLC will work side by side with the attorney in whatever capacity is deemed necessary. Matters of legal issue are solely at your discretion; however, once you request that court paperwork be filed, the additional costs will be billed to you, even if the case is settled prior to the hearing date. Our phone consultations with your company are included in this cost.

OPTION 2: Use your own attorney. You will need written authorization from Manna & Associates, LLC to release the collection from our office. If you chose this option, the fee for Manna & Associates, LLC will then switch to $75 per hour for any future work that is required. This fee can be avoided by consulting with your own attorney directly.

All invoices that have not been paid within thirty (30) days of the invoice date will be subject to a 1.5% finance charge with a minimum finance charge of $25 per month and may hold up or decrease any payments to your office. Please make payments on time to avoid this action.

We provide liens and collections in other areas of the U.S.; please call us for a quote.

Our company is not a law firm, any service we provide is not a legal service.  If you feel you need an attorney, we can contact one for you.

Thank you for choosing Manna & Associates, LLC for your lien and collection needs.